"Pack Your Precious" – Packaging concept for SÖDRA 2012


Once again I am honored to present a project carried out

together with Södra and the material DuraPulp. This time, the

brief read: "Design a demonstrator that shows how sheets of

DuraPulp can be used as a packaging material, and why it is a

good idea."


The concept was named "Pack Your Precious" which is a message

to those involved in design or manufacture of packaging.


Outer shapes of a package can hint the contents of it. They also

create expectations. The material allows shapes to be moulded,

using heat and pressure, into a strong and durable shell. The box

is given shapes that resemble delicate and fragile objects in order

to show what kind of precious things that can be hidden inside.


The material is bio-degradable and made from renewable resources.